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Another excellent purpose of goals is this: it is where to stop… #beyourownguru #BYOG

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Following on from the discussion on sufficiency, it’s a great segue to talk about goal setting and the purpose of goals.

So the commonly understood purpose of goals is to have something to strive towards and it is true. You should have some targets, something you’re aiming for and that gives you purpose and it gives you a direction.

But another excellent purpose of goals is this: it is where to stop.

And a big problems in today’s world, I feel, is that people keep moving their own goal posts!. So you achieve something and then you’re not really satisfied with it and you think ‘Oh! let me achieve more of this or more of the same’ and if it is something critically important to you it’s fine. We start off with baby steps and then we move onwards and upwards…

When it stops being fine is when the pursuit of that goal extracts more from you that it is giving you. And it is more than satisfactory, so it’s more than sufficient for you.

And how do you know that is true that it is more than sufficient?

It is that when you reach it you’re unsatisfied. You’re reaching for something else, or somehow it is empty. So that is a very good indication that that goal was not in your true best interests, or it was not a true intention of yours, because it doesn’t satisfy you, right?

So this other use of goals is a great thing to take on board and think about because if you reach something or you achieve something in your life and you don’t consider it an endpoint but you keep proceeding in that direction where that direction is not totally satisfying for you it takes your attention and energies away from something else that might.

When you set goals for yourself consider is it an interim goal, is it a goal in this direction, so that you have the resources to go off in another direction?

For example, you might take on a job just to pay the bills, to earn a living and it’s not really what you want to do but it pays well and it sets you up for the future.

That is an excellent example of a goal that wants an endpoint.

And to have that endpoint you have to have plans in place so that the purpose of the goal is achieved. Where you save money or you invest it or you do something that keeps them goal in its place. It’s place is as a steppingstone.

If you lose sight of that and then you see that goal as the be all and end all of life, well, then you’re setting yourself up for a lot of misery.

So that is something to be aware of. Goals are targets but they are also conclusions.