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The trouble with big events in our lives and this goes equally for things like birthdays, promotions as well as festivities, is that they are a blip in the timeline of our lives, and yet we have so many expectations, so much hope pinned on these days or these moments, expecting a sea change to happen in our lives or expecting the magic.

And so to that end I want to share with you one of my favorite sayings about enlightenment. It [high expectations] applies equally for enlightenment and it is this: Before enlightenment chopping wood and carrying water, after enlightenment chopping wood and carrying water.

And I simply love that because it very aptly helps to deal with anticlimaxes.

Because the reality is, life goes on and the activities you did prior to whatever event you have just been through and after the event are pretty much going to be the same.

But what you do take with you is perhaps a little more joy, or a little more understanding, or a little more responsibility and these are the things that take you up another level in life, take you another step further on your journey.

So in case you are suffering from post holiday blues, and who doesn’t, this is something to take to heart and to just understand that everything is on this continuum and you just get better and brighter and happier.