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One of *the* most essential ingredients to life: a sense of humor. #beyourownguru #BYOG

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So let us to round off the month with something that is good to cultivate and that is a sense of humor. Actually it is the thing that I consider one of *the* most essential ingredients to getting through life in one piece.

So I’ll give you an example. Happily for me it’s been something that has been a constant throughout my life. It is a profound blessing to have parents who can make you laugh uncontrollably!

So as an example, we were traveling by train once when I was a poverty stricken teenager, and I had 20 rupees in my back pocket. So that was about 50 U.S. cents at that time. And somebody STOLE it.

So there I was all blue and even more poverty stricken and I told my Mum this. So she said very comfortingly ‘it’s OK, you know, maybe the other person needed it more than you…’ which I found a bit of a stretch actually, I couldn’t imagine who needed it more than me at that point in time.

But anyway, I was immeasurably comforted because I thought ‘all right, you know, life goes on and I hope whoever has it is thoroughly enjoying my 20 rupees and so I was very reassured.

And then my Mum says, ‘And, anyway it was only 10 rupees’ !! I was so indignant, I was like ‘NOOO, it was 20 rupees’. To which she said, ‘Ohhh, then that’s too bad…’

Which still makes me laugh to this day.

And life’s like that, you know, sometimes things happen to you and you can’t control it and you can’t undo it sometimes what’s gone is gone.

And this is not to discount or minimize grief, loss, these all have a place in our range of emotion, but in the midst of all of this if you can find and appreciate the ridiculous in life, the timing of things, you know, it makes the unbearable bearable.

If you can laugh, if you can take yourself not so seriously, if you can take life not so seriously, then yes, it’s stuff that you have to deal with, it’s stuff that you have to somehow plow through but if you can see the humor in situations, if you can see that yeah! that really sucks, but actually, part of that is really funny, it lightens the load. It makes you…

Truly laughter is the best medicine!

And sometimes when you laugh it off there is a seed within that of how you can handle it and how you can go forward.

So today find something or someone or some situation that you can laugh with or at.