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Today I want you to do a little test on yourself think about everything in your life that you are absolutely certain about, 100% sure that they exist as you think they do.

And the reason I’m asking you to do this is because the simple fact is that it is very difficult to live life on maybes.

If you are thinking maybe so and so is a friend, maybe I will pass this test, maybe I will get a promotion, maybe I will get this job, that’s a whole bunch of maybes that makes life extremely insecure.

Yes life is uncertain, yes you cannot predict your future even if you have a crystal ball, but there are a great number of things in life that you can and should be absolutely certain about.

Your relationships are one of these things. Your direction in life is, for the current moment at any rate, is another of those things.

If your head is filled with a bunch of uncertainties, a bunch of things that you cannot confirm exist in your life, then I guarantee you your head is filled with a lot of unnecessary insecurity.

It behooves you to really consider and judge and confirm as much as you possibly can in life.

So do the research, do the thinking, do the analyzing, do the judging that you need to do to make sure that the elements you count on in your life like your friends, your livelihood, your path in life, though that’s a big one, at least think about your friends and livelihood in the first instance and just make sure that there are no maybes attached to these things. That you know 100% that you can rely on this.

Going forward when you are considering new associations or new actions think about this, think about whether you’re thinking: *maybe* they will succeed and then change that maybe to *definitely* they will succeed.