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So if I were to put in a nutshell the main benefit of consciousness it is this: it brings you to an awareness of how precious you are.

Because when you become conscious, and not even when, through the process of consciousness you are acknowledging your own uniqueness, you are acknowledging your own truth and the rightness of your way of being. And you are also acknowledging your right to be the way you are.

And as you do this, as you come to that reckoning of all the complexities and simplicities of who you are you value them more and more. And you will value them more and more because you will find that they are very constructive and helpful in living your life. Life becomes simpler, things become easier to do and everything lends itself to effortlessness.

So it is a huge benefit to come to that realization that you are good, and you are worthy and you need have no fear from because goodness and worthiness will see you through.

So it’s a great argument to become conscious then, this awareness of preciousness because you eliminate a lot of the things that psychology tells you are inherent within you: that you want to choose suffering, or that you want to self sabotage.

Honestly? You truly don’t want to do any of the above and that is something that consciousness brings as a natural byproduct because once you align yourself on all levels and you align yourself with your goals they become valuable to you they are precious to you and you are in full awareness of all of this.