About Penni

Penni Mannas Diefendorf is an author, guide, tutor, advisor and sounding board. Her unique gift is to be able to distil out the essentials of life and create simplicity and order out of chaos.

Penni has spent more than 20 years in many fields ranging from customer service, to counseling, to management, to her own businesses in the health and fitness industry. In every endeavour, she has seen the power of truth and simplicity bring about massive change and shifts, in people, in systems and in companies.

One of the things that had the greatest influence was consulting and implementing Quality Management Systems. It made absolute sense, that if the fundamentals were right and the appropriate resources were available, the goal and purpose would be achieved: this requires a thorough reality check, but a very worthwhile one!

Through the years, Penni has brought about transformations within companies, sometimes against the odds. She has inspired people to turn their lives around over very short periods of time.

At Truthredux, she brings this transformative ability to her clients and readers, to help them make sense of their lives and make them a success on all fronts: finances, health, career and relationships.


About Truthredux

Mirriam-Webster Dictionary

Definition of TRUTH

b : sincerity in action, character, and utterance

Definition of REDUX
: brought back

Origin of REDUX

Latin, returning, from reducere to lead back

At TruthRedux we seek to bring truth back into all spheres of human relating – truth in all its forms of honesty, sincerity, reality checks et al.

We want to inspire debate and consensus on core values and principles; integrity, ethics, fairness, hard work, and any other “old fashioned value” you can name. It seems to us that the growing complexity of today’s world demands simple or simpler solutions.

We recognize that simple solutions are sometimes the toughest to carry through. How do we communicate and resurrect a set of values and words that have lost their meaning? Without preaching or flippancy. With no religious or political bent. Not taking a moral or righteous high ground. That is how TruthRedux was born.

We hope that this will become the forum, a breathing space and an oasis for like-minded people, wherever they may be. To share thoughts, opinions, feelings, experiences. And always in a positive direction, seeking answers and understanding. Seeking what’s best for oneself, in the context also, of loved ones, society, the world at large and the greater good. For, if we destroy the world we live in, even the small pocket that surrounds us, we sow the seeds of self-destruction.

We also want to bring such thinking and healing into the mainstream. We aim to set up a Truthredux Community as a platform for spreading the collective consciousness gleaned from TR. We will let you know when this starts up. Do sign up then, take part and get this discussion going.

If we can create pockets of goodwill, happiness and peace in our own little worlds, we can join them up and truly change the wider world.

Truthredux Charter

We undertake to be
practical, positive, secular,
humourous, visionary, thought-provoking,
kind, thoughtful, honest,
questioning, questing,
get to core issues / empirical truths / common sense,
meaningful, sincere

We vigorously reject being
sanctimonious, preachy,
starchy, know-it-all, bleeding heart,
nasty, superficial, judgmental,
soft-pedalling, gullible, smarmy

We believe in
belief, magic, miracles,
people, nature, connectedness,
life, living, love