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A few months ago I adjusted the color and the contrast and the tone in my TV and it was truly astounding the difference it made in the picture quality. There were movies that we had watched several times and suddenly we were seeing new things, we were seeing things we never saw before.

We saw scroll-work on doorways and peeling paint and… you know? It was amazing the difference it made to the picture. And it was amazing the amount of detail it added to the story that the movie was telling.

And it occurred to me that this is absolutely true of life, where if you can adjust your focus, if you can adjust your perspective, and if you can look deeper, so you adjust the depth of what you’re looking at, the story that you see, the nuances that you see are exponentially clearer and more colorful and more nuanced.

So how does this apply to your life?

Whenever you are looking either at a problem or at a celebration if you can look deeper, if you can look at it from a higher perspective, from a different perspective even, you will get more from the situation, you will see a different situation perhaps, and the whole experience becomes richer.

This is especially helpful, of course, if you are looking at an intransigent problem. You know, you keep looking at it the same way and you’re going to get that flat problem still looking at you. But if you can adjust the focal lense of your mind, adjust the colours, adjust how deeply you look at it, then you may not even see a problem. You may see an advantage, you may see a benefit.

It is truly said that it’s not what happens to you but how you see it and how you react and you can apply that to the perspective and depth. Where you change both or one and your life can change, your situation certainly can change and with it your decisions and with it your choices.

So if you feel stuck in life try that, try viewing your life as a movie and look at it from a completely different angle.