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So today let’s talk about trust. Something that is often thought of as the antidote to jealousy but as we have seen, it’s nothing of the sort.

Jealousy is not so much a lack of trust as a surplus of ownership – two very different things. But trust, trust is actually fundamental to relationships. And trust is the onus of the person wanting to be trusted, ie are they trustworthy?

And from your point of you, for today’s Daily Grain, you can really, you can and you should really consider this question very carefully. Because to all be able to trust someone implicitly is a fantastic feeling. To know one hundred percent that that person has your best interests at heart and you can go about your day and you can go about your life and not for a second does the thought that they might do you wrong cloud your mind and your thoughts.

So the sense of security you have when you are able to trust people one hundred percent is invaluable, it’s priceless. And it should actually be the signature feature, I would say, of all your associations. Because it is so important to have a clear head, to have a clear path to live your life. And the relationships around you play an important role in this.

Perforce you rely on people for sundry things, you rely on the telephone fellow to turn up on time! It’s things like this knowing that what people tell you they will follow through on. If they express a feeling you can be assured that that is the right feeling. It’s really, really fundamental to your day, to your life to be surrounded by people you can trust.

So today, think about that. What is the percentage of your trust in the people around you?