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Following on from yesterday’s Daily Grain about seeing more than we are currently seeing I want to extrapolate on that Simon and Garfunkel Sound of Silence analogy. And it is this: we are looking without seeing.

It’s something that I think is endemic, where we look at things, we acknowledge that they are there, but do we really see them?

I guarantee you this if you look at your life and you really see the aspects of you, the aspects of your life, the aspects of the people around you, and how it relates to you, if you see those instead of just glancing over them instead of just saying “right they are there,” you will find the solution to every single problem that is in front you.

You will find the solution to problems that are not yet in front of you. It’s wonderful.

So this distinction between just observing and really understanding what you are observing is the difference between looking and seeing. One of the things that is essential then for this clear vision, is that we understand ourselves.

In fact all those Daily Grains about communication really should start with yourself first. Where you communicate with yourself, where you talk to yourself in constructive ways and you get to understand where you’re coming from.

So we cannot even begin to see our lives unless our vision is clear, unless the window through which we view the world is clear. The window of our souls.

And so I want you to think about that today, think about are you really seeing yourself for who you are? Are you seeing other people for who they are? Are you seeing what you do to yourself clearly? Are you seeing what you do to other people clearly?

And make that distinction – don’t just look at things, see them.