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Do you truly understand and *practice* your religion? #beyourownguru #BYOG

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Hi again!

Following on from yesterday, I feel no discussion on spirituality is complete without talking about religion. So let’s talk about it now and get out of the way.

My strong feeling on religion is this: people of goodwill all belong to one religion, no matter what they call it. And people of ill-will have no religion, no matter what they call it.

And I say that because all religions have as their basic teachings very sound principles. Principles that are designed or inspired to give you the best possible guidance to live your life and become the ultimate you can be. Whatever it is that that ultimate is for you.

And how do I know this? Because I have met people of every religion, pretty much, and some of them have been lovely and some of them have been dodgy. So clearly it is not the religion per se that is creating these schisms or differences in personality, shall we say, it is the application.

So when it comes to religion, think about whether you really understand what your religion teaches you, whether you know how to apply it for yourself. DO you apply it in your everyday life? Is it a way of being for you? Where it’s a no brainer, you just do as your religion says you ought.

And let me make a distinction. As your religion says you ought. Not what someone has interpreted your religion to say. This is very important.

Because as with any teaching or principle or theory, how it is explained is critical, and how it is interpreted and how you hear that interpretation… there are very many key stages at which the message could be lost.

So when it comes to religion are you getting the right messages? And the bottom line is this, this is what separates the wheat from the chaff.

Are you a better person as a result of your religion?