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One of the great attributes of consciousness is to be able to name the things in yourself, to name your emotions accurately, to name your characteristics accurately. And to that end I want to discuss the nuances of the things you will find second nature when you become conscious.

So today’s example takes two attributes fickleness and adaptability.

On the surface they look similar right? They are both changeable – you could be changing through being fickle or you can be changing through being adaptable. And what rings the differences?

This is something in actually every aspect of your life it would be great and helpful and beneficial if you are able to assess – if you are able to assess the nuances of the way you live your life.

So back to fickleness and adaptability.

Like I said, from an outward perspective they look similar up because you are changing your mind the difference is in the energy and the intent and the consciousness behind that.

So if you are fickle you are just changing your mind for no reason at all you are just changing your mind because you feel like it and nothing else. There is no substance behind it, you are acting on a whim.

Whereas if you are adaptable that is very conscious. When you adapt, what does that mean? It means you have looked at your situation, you’ve taken into account the different aspects of it, the difference facets of it, is what I wanted to say, and you have come to an informed decision and you adapt. So adaptability gives you more responsibility towards everything you take on and more of a conscious process going on behind the scenes than it might appear to other people.

But the effect on your reputation and on the way you are perceived by other people is also hugely different.

Because when you are adaptable people can see that consciousness in you, they can see that you have thought it out, you are thoughtful and you are considerate, as opposed to being whimsical.

So two very similar looking actions but two very different levels of consciousness.