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Unless you are happy, healthy, wealthy – you are not! #beyourownguru #BYOG


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Hi again! So next we have to discover: are you living your truth and this is pretty easy to find out actually!

If you are not happy, healthy, wealthy you are not. And why do I say that? Because you probably, and this is big assumption I’m making – you WANT to be happy, healthy and wealthy. So if you are not something is clearly wrong, right? Because your intention is, you’re reaching for, all of these things.

Here’s a truism: if you deal with reality, if you go forward on a profoundly honest basis ie honest with yourself, where you know what you’re capable of, the people around you, that you are doing business with or other relationships with are trustworthy, ie the situations you are in are honest, you will have success.

You know, if you look at failure it is based on something that wasn’t made clear at the time or something was not anticipated properly or calculated for properly etc etc etc. There are many routes to failure but the road to success is pretty simple when you look at it this way: if you have all the right ingredients and you have the right support, the right direction and the right spirit with which you are embarking on things, they will succeed.

And here is another thing: your internal space, your external space are always giving you messages about course corrections you should be doing, about things that are not right for you, about things that perhaps you are overstretching with. There are always signposts along the way. So the trick is to pay attention and all these little messages add up to the truth of the situation, the reality you are dealing with and if you do pay attention and you do course correct life starts getting very interesting and it starts unfolding as you wish.

So think about that: are you living your truth?