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Something people try to avoid at all costs is what they call unpalatable truths.

And let’s look at what that means: unpalatable is something you cannot swallow, right? You cannot take in. So this is very inapplicable, shall we say, to truth.

Because truth and the reality of a situation isn’t a choice. It’s not something you choose to swallow or choose to confront, it is. It exists. And in that sense avoidance is futile. Because if you avoid it, it still exists and it is just there whether you deal with it or not, whether you acknowledge it or not.

So the bottom line when it comes to unpalatable truths is the sooner you acknowledge them and deal with them and get it out of your life the sooner you will eliminate unpalatable things from your life.

Because the problem is not in the truth, the problem is in it being unpalatable. And there is no reason, no benefit to have unpalatable things in your life is there?

If there’s a situation that is hard to acknowledge, never mind face or confront, it would be wise for you to drum up the bravery and drum up the courage, use those crutches that we talked about in an earlier Daily Grain to bring yourself to face it.

Because without question when you face the reality of your life that is not ideal, that does not represent the things you wish for yourself, the things you long for, when you can confront this reality it for one, very often is less horrible than you imagined it to be, and for two, you have given yourself the wherewithal to change it. If you hide from it you can’t change anything.

So for today and from this point onwards try to look at truth and reality as what exists and what is and realise at a very fundamental level that you cannot no matter how you try hide from it.