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Today I have an unconforming message for you and it is this be intolerant.

And what should you be intolerant about?

So the very first thing is be intolerant of your own pain. We are taught that life is suffering, that pain is inevitable, that struggle is a fact of life and all of these things are possible because you tolerate them.

You tolerate pain. You tolerate relationships that stress you out or relationships that are actively hurting you. I would say this is an excellent place to start being intolerant: your own pain.

If you think of our physical being, pain is an indication that something needs fixing. It’s the reason I’m actually against pain killers because they numb you to the painful spot and that spot is painful because you ought to be taking care of it. So if you have a bruise and you put something numbing on it, odds are that you’re going to hit that again and again and it’s never going to go away, right?

So if we are tolerant of our own pain and we simply manage it by various self medications in whatever your favorite form of self medication is, it is infinite.

I think the most effective first step to eliminating pain from your life is to not be tolerant of it. To be intolerant of even the smallest pain.

So if you think about this, say you have a crease in your sock when you put it into your shoe, when you put your foot into your shoe. when you first start out the day that crease is like a mild irritation or discomfort. If you don’t take the time to uncrease it, so you have a smooth sock, by the end of the day you probably have a deep ridge in your foot that is pretty painful from having been walked on the entire day. Yes?

So think about all the pain in your life like that. If you in your head are thinking it’s okay. It’s okay to be in pain, it’s okay to struggle, it’s okay to work for less than what I’m worth, well, that might be a practical consideration, but do you see I mean? If in your head it’s okay, you won’t even start to stop it.

And really everyone’s pain, every single pain on this planet should stop sooner rather than later.