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More on the topic of realism is this: to see things for what they are.

And this is not to see things in the most positive light as we are often told to “be positive.”

Not necessarily so.

Be realistic is a better maxim.

Because if things are negative, if things are really going wrong then it is important to see that, it is important to acknowledge that, because then you want to figure it out and turn it around, right?

There’s no virtue at all in putting a positive spin on things that are inherently negative. So see it as it is. Warts and all. And then you give yourself tools of substance.

Likewise if things are really positive, then rejoice. See it that way. Revel in it. Relish your triumphs. Relish things that are flowing well. Don’t second guess it, don’t think you’re about to stumble, don’t put self fulfilling prophecies in place. No – see it as life is good. The world is good. Life is beautiful. And enjoy it.

And likewise when things are neutral – neither good nor bad. Just look at the potential, see what you can work with, see how you can reach those wondrous heights of positivity.

And live your life that way. See what is, see what forces are at work in your life and take action.

There is nothing so negative that you can’t come out of it, should you choose. And there’s nothing so positive that it cannot last a lifetime.

The world tells us that this cannot be and that we are born to struggle and good things are fleeting. No they aren’t actually. If you arrange your life around what is real and around what suits you, good things are a permanent state because you make it so.

And so from today onwards, your Daily Grain is to make it so.