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On being happy: be happy first and good things will follow. It’s a lovely objective to have, anyway. #beyourownguru #BYOG

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Also appropriate to say at this time, is that it is imperative that you are happy.

A lot of people believe that they will be happy or they will allow themselves to be happy when they achieve a certain target, when they are in a relationship, hopefully a good relationship, and so they put up with and tolerate a great deal of unhappiness or discomfort with the idea of this distant goal of future happiness.

But, in fact, the converse is true.

When you are happy good things happen. When you are in a positive space good things happen. You make them happen.

So the idea is to be happy first and then you will achieve and then you’ll be in great relationships, that’s how you bring about the life that you want. So that’s a very lovely objective to have, right? To somehow make yourself happy every day as the first priority.

So your task for the Daily Grain for today and forever onwards is to find a routine, a rhythm or an opportunity at the start of every day to create a good mood for yourself. To create a happy environment within your own little ecosphere.

And it could be downloading a jokebook, or reading a joke a day or listening to music or paying attention to the scenery around you. In some manner, at the start of the day find a way to be happy.

And make it a true happiness not a *plaster a smile on my face and somehow I’ll be happy* happiness.

I find that sort of thing, well, not that I find it, it IS artificial – the whole “fake it till you make it” theory about living your life.

No this is very different because no matter how much you’re pretending, if you’re not happy, you’re not happy. No matter how big a smile you have on your face.

So think about the things that do satisfy you and do nurture you at more than a superficial level and work them into your day, like I said, at the start of the day.

Because if you can start off your day on the right foot it’ll bode really well for the things that you do in the rest of the day. And if you extrapolate that, if you start of your week on a good footing, if you start off your month on a good footing, if you start off your year are on a good footing then that just sets you up for immense forward momentum.

So starting today find small ways in which you can be happy now.