Core of Steel Series: The 4 Steps to Consciousness

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Unconform Book description

We are all unique and not to be rubber stamped or cookie cuttered. The dissonance you feel in life? It is a result of trying to squeeze into a space never built to fit you. The world conspires to put limits on us, don’t conspire against yourself – unconform!

Don’t just break out of the mold, break the mold! read more on

Going Home Book description

What if you could live the life you’ve always dreamed of?

Many of us will never come to grips with who we really are in our lifetime. We are hemmed in and conflicted by a myriad of differing opinions and standards about who we should be, what we should achieve, and how we should be living. Do we ever stop and think about what we actually want, what would bring us our greatest joy so we can live for and as our true selves?

“Going home” starts the journey from that inauthentic life we are living now to our true selves and that best of all places: our heart of hearts, our soul, our eternal light — our core of steel. read more on

Compatibility Book description

Revamp your thinking about relationships!

It is an awful feeling to be lonely in a relationship, feel lost in a crowd, the odd one out at the office. We strive to be in the ‘in’ crowd or at least find acceptance on the fringes. This leads to a great amount of politicking and contorting ourselves to find an acceptable shape to be.

Enough already! Compatibility examines the fallacies we feed ourselves and uncovers some empirical truths about relationships that hold good over a wide range of relationship types. read more on

Resilience Book Description

Is there a way to benefit from every single event in your life? Yes absolutely! And the unassailable way to to do that is by having resilience.

We cannot always control the situations we find ourselves in, but we can always control and mitigate the outcomes if we have the inner strength and buoyancy to bounce back from misfortune and not lose our heads in triumph. At life’s key turning points it is critical that we choose what is right for us, that we learn and grow from lessons that are well worth the learning. read more on