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Following on from yesterday’s Daily Grain about how not to be a hurt, it is reasonable to think, well it’s all very well in an ideal world to be able to pick and choose all our associations, our business contacts, based on reliable people, and based on people living their truth.

Well, hopefully we will form societies based on people living their truth some rather than later, but for now what do you do?

So if you must deal with people who have proved themselves unreliable in the past then it would be very wise to record that in your head and don’t ever forget it. Because people are people. Yes, they can change. But they have to prove that they have changed before you give them your trust or before you give them responsibilities that they have shown themselves to be incapable of, right?

Very often we just keep on keeping on. We don’t allow for these people having broken our trust. Because we think we don’t have the choice you know, especially with working relationships and business contacts we just think these are things that we have to put up with.

So. No.

What you are recommended to do is put up inner shields. In your own head just think, okay this person is probably going to let me down about XYZ so have a Plan B. Have a Plan B for your emotions, for your psychology. Definitely have a Plan B for the practical implications if that person let you down.

And then you’ll be okay because you have made allowances, you have adjusted your life to encompass the probable outcome if you have to deal with that person, based on prior experience.

So if you do this it is a lesson well learnt and it will serve you well as you go through life.