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Yesterday we were talking about trust and how critical it is that the people around you are worthy of your trust and so today let’s look at the other side of the coin and that is your role in all these trust things.

So people at this point in time, you know once we reach those exalted levels of consciousness then perhaps we can be all things to all people, but probably not even then,

So given that everyone has their own talents, abilities, skill sets, affinities, things they like to do, things they don’t like to do that sort of thing, it bodes well for you if you can compartmentalize your associations.

And we do this quite naturally actually, because we are probably slightly different with each person we are friends with or each person we associate with even if only in the sense of talking about different things, doing different activities, right? Because different cliques or segments of our associations are there for their own discrete reasons.

And if you are able to gauge accurately, this is the key part, for you to be able to understand beyond a shadow of a doubt what are the limitations of the various people you associate with.

So there’s no use asking someone who hates museums to accompany you on all your museum outings, even if out of some misplaced sense of obligation or duty they do agree, they would probably be miserable and so would you, right? So that’s a practical application of this gauging thing. But it’s also what is their emotional capacity, what is their natural demonstrativeness, for example. So if you want hugs and warm fuzzy feelings from certain people but that’s not their style, they are you know less demonstrative, for want of a comprehensive description.

So what if they are less than demonstrative, then it doesn’t mean that they love you less, it doesn’t mean that their sentiment isn’t genuine, it’s just that’s their character. It’s just the way they express what have you.

So this is another critical component of increased relationship harmony and trust – to see the other person, to really understand what they are able to do.

And then go to the people who it is appropriate to go to for the things that you need in life.