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We might be forgiven if we think we are in a very strange world because on the one hand we are told we should value ourselves and we should develop great self esteem and on the other hand we are told we have to be considerate all others and we have to put others ahead of us and how does this is all tie together?

And we also hear are a lot of complaints about people or generations being self centered and it’s all about them and I think pretty much every generation has complained about the next in this fashion, so what does it all mean? How does it all fit together?

Well actually, it fits together very well.

Because self awareness and self respect is the polar opposite actually, of selfishness and self centeredness. Because once you are conscious, once you really know who you are selfishness and self centeredness and navel gazing, all come to an end.

We do all of those things because we are seeking something, we are trying to nudge a space for ourselves in this world and perforce, our efforts are probably not completely balanced if we are not completely balanced. And therein arises all these accusations of selfishness and self centeredness.

And like I said, it’s the polar opposite of self awareness and being centered – very different from self centered.

When you are centered within yourself, within your knowledge of who you are as a person then and only then can you have that consideration for other people, can you truly show up as a compassionate individual with true intentions to do good.

From any other state it is a guesstimate, because there are things that are not resolved within yourself – so it’s hard to see through those layers to who other people really are and who and what other people really need.

So if you have any conflict about whether you are self centered or really centered just look to your influence in the world. Does who you are as yourself benefit people around you or does it cause chaos? Are you building things in your own little world, in your own little circle or are you breaking them down?

That is a very good indicator.