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Today I want to provide a further clarification of what consciousness is. Many people might think that once you are living consciously or once you have attained this nirvana or enlightenment or conscious being life becomes this plateau or this heaven, without any crests or troughs, you know, it’s this paradise.

It is actually very close to paradise as you might imagine it, but it is not to say that it is free of tension or challenges or things that go bump in the night, you know. You can and will face obstacles in life, but this is the trick: Consciousness is not a release from tension or challenge, it is that you choose your tensions and challenges.

Because life would be sadly flat if we just had nothing we are working on or nothing that is moving us forward, it is just the nature of the human condition.

But to be able to choose what it is you do and what you want to bend your energies on, what you want to exert your brain power on, that is paradise to me.

It’s your choice and it’s your life and you are exercising it every minute of the day on things that are meaningful to you. So you don’t have plain sailing but all your sailing is a work of love, is a work of intent, is as you mean it to be.

So that’s the huge difference between living your life consciously and living your life unconsciously. Your life is all about your *conscious* choice. If you’re living unconsciously it is also your choice but you are choosing by default when you live unconsciously. You are choosing of someone else’s making perhaps.

So tension can and should exist. Everything in the world actually, if you think of molecules, are held together by tension, so is your life. But when you choose it, when you are conscious, tension and challenge is a wonderful thing.