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Yesterday I spoke about invulnerability or being invulnerable and today I want to make the distinction of being invulnerable and being immune to the horrors of life. They are two very different things and we should not mistake the two.

Because being immune to horror is absolutely a no-no. It’s something that our world actually engineers in us but it is quite dangerous and very damaging.

So personal invulnerability is an essential. You need that for strength, for the ability to live your life true to yourself. But being immune to the horrors of life breeds a callousness and it breeds the ability to block out what is going on around us, to be inattentive to atrocities that really should not be taking place. And that is never a good thing because if the bulk of us simply accept out of a bland blindness, really, for things that should be taboo, nothing will get done about it, nothing will change. And in fact it only gets worse where the fabric of society unravels because it’s seen to be okay for it to unravel.

Like the Pink Floyd number that said we have become comfortably numb.

So comfortably numb does not progress anyone or anything. In fact, it leads directly to entropy.

In actuality when we are personally invulnerable we actually can lose that numbness because it doesn’t impact us so much. We can look on suffering and horror with compassion and with the strength, with the true strength to help or to lend our voice or to in some way or form mitigate that situation.

So actually think about that today.

When you look at all the events going on in the world and the daily human tragedies you know, accidents, murders, shootings, are you numb? Are you immune? And if so, I would say now is a very good time to shift gears and aim for that personal invulnerability and lose the numbness.