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Going with the flow is not being on easy street #beyourownguru #yourtruth #changeyourlife

Today I want to elaborate a little bit on what going with the flow means.

It does not, despite what you might think, mean giving up all responsibility and going where life takes you or going where other people say you should go. On the contrary it means actively and consciously deciding to go where it feels most right, where the universe or life or whatever power you believe in is directing you to.

And how do you know they are directing you to whatever it is?

It will feel correct, it will work, and it will take you closer and closer to your true self, and closer and closer to abundance and joy and peace.

So sometimes it is easy to just go with the flow of what other people are doing – this is taking the path of least resistance and it is not quite going with the flow if you haven’t consciously decided and consciously felt that this is right for you.

So if you take the path of least resistance because you don’t want to make decisions for yourself that is actually the exact opposite of going with the flow, it is conforming. And conforming does not necessarily mean that you are in the flow of your life as it should be. Very often conforming means you are precisely not going in the flow of your life as it should be because you are following someone else’s path, you are following a group path that may not be right for you.

Going with the flow requires you to be paying attention to your life, it requires you to understand where you’ve taken a wrong turn and to correct course.

In my life if things consistently don’t work out or I encounter consistent obstacles these are good indicators to me that I should not be doing whatever it is I am doing. And so I stop doing it. Life is very simple.

But this is different from just giving up, this is different from not having perseverance. You must make all these distinctions.

Sometimes going with the flow does require a learning curve, it does require effort and persistence and yes, perseverance. The difference is that it feels in a very central core of you, it feels right. The direction that those sets of actions are taking you in, feels true. To you.

And so then you consciously build on those actions, those decisions that take you in that direction, the direction of flow. And once you find that flow of your life you are set because then all you have to do is pay attention.

So in short find the flow and go with the flow.