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Consciousness is nothing more or less than deep awareness. There are three components… #beyourownguru #BYOG

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Today let’s talk about consciousness. It’s become such a buzzword, that it’s either lost its meaning or it’s got so many different meanings that it’s difficult to pin down.

So for the purposes of the Daily Grain, consciousness is no more or less than utter awareness.

You are *conscious* of three things. So it has three components as far as I’m concerned: it’s awareness of self, it’s awareness of others, and it’s awareness of your situation, what is around you, starting with your small circle and expanding to the wider world, as wide you want it.

And if you can gain consciousness of these three things, you’re basically set for life. Because then you are acting with full knowledge. You are acting with an integrated self that is you.

And we’ve covered all the elements of you save one, which we will do tomorrow, but thats it, you know. If you can raise your consciousness in all these areas of your life you are living and breathing as a conscious being. And then you can discover all sorts of marvellous things that are yours and yours alone to discover.

So I will give you a simple example of consciousness in action.

I make rice in the microwave and the first time the rice kind of overflowed and it stuck to the plate, but I was not conscious of this, so I lifted up the bowl and of course, gravity grabbed the plate after I moved it out of the oven, and guess what? Broken plate!

I actually had an extra plate so I replaced it. So my penalty was not that high because, you know, I simply replaced it, therefore, I did not learn my lesson.

It happened again! I broke the plate again. And then I had to actually call the microwave company and replace it. And, boy, what a pain that was! Lesson learnt! Now every time I remove this bowl from the microwave I am extremely *conscious* – I take it out very carefully and make sure that the plate is not stuck to the bottom.

And that, in a nutshell, is consciousness where you understand things that are happening to you in your life at a very visceral level. You understand your reaction to the things are happening to you at a very visceral level. And then you understand, even more viscerally, that you have the power to change this and anything else you might choose to, that is under your control,

And Voila! You’re leading a conscious life!! So chew on that.