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Another common misperception of consciousness is that it is only accessible to people who have much time on their hands to think about esoteric things, to think about realms beyond themselves and all the sort of thing.

Well that’s just absolutely not correct.

Because consciousness is accessible to anyone, at any time, at any point in their lives, at any state of being, at any mental, emotional, psychological, material level. It only requires a desire to reach consciousness.

And as I have been saying times innumerable throughout this Daily Grain series, is that consciousness is just so fundamental to life. If you are living life in an unconscious way or state of being it just gets exponentially more difficult. So why? I don’t get it! Anyway.

But to give you an example of how consciousness can slowly find its way into your life let me compare it to cluttered room, a really cluttered room.

If you have such a room or you have ever had such a room, you come in and you are aghast and you think – Oh my goodness, how am I going to clear all this stuff?

Well, if you have a wish to clear it and the will to clear it you will start clearing it.

And probably you will start with the smallest and easiest corner of the room and then what happens when you clear one space then you’re motivated to clear another space and if you have the good sense to tackle things that you are able to tackle, so in other words you don’t overwhelm yourself, you just clear things as you are able to then each new free space gives you the impetus to clear another space and another one.

And slowly and imperceptibly that cluttered room is slowly coming into order.

And even in a worst case scenario you really overwhelm yourself and you run away until you can face it again the same principles apply you just do as much as you can when you can and steadily though, because you don’t want clutter to come back in and then you are back to square one, but if you work at it steadily and keep up the momentum of your progress, you know, before you know it you have a clean room and a clear space.

Consciousness is exactly like that, you clear areas of your life and then try not to re-clutter them as you move on to other areas but if you can’t keep that balance and that steady progress you will slowly clear your life of the things that block you, that stunt you, that freeze your brain and likewise with the people who do such things and before you know it you have a clean, pure, freedom giving life.