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Trouble with indecision? Definitely watch this! #beyourownguru #BYOG

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Today I want to talk about decisiveness.

In todays’s world we have so many options and so many things going on that decisions are required of us and maybe there are times when we feel indecisive, we feel confused or we are wishy washy we say yes one minute, we say no the other and so on and so forth.

With indecisiveness and want to say this: you are actually making a decision. If you cannot decide you are making a decision and that decision is no. No to whatever it is you are waffling about.

And when you do that you are living life by default. Right? Whatever you don’t decide on is what you get. And that’s not, it’s definitely not a conscious way of living because you are not consciously going in the direction you want, you are going in the default direction.

So that’s not a good idea ever!

And then you get what other people decide for you which is, actually it may have good consequences, it may not, but the worst thing is you will not know. You won’t know how it will turn out and decisions thereafter start becoming more difficult because the original decision wasn’t yours.

And the odds are good that the reason you’re not deciding is because you don’t want to make a commitment one way or the other.

And that is the other problem in not deciding because in life you must commit. And it’s not, as you might think, a commitment to other people or something, it’s a commitment to yourself. Every decision you make or don’t make is a commitment you make or don’t make to yourself.

So at its heart, at its root, when you decide positively you are saying *yes* to yourself. You are saying *yes* to things that you want to do.

So if you fear committing to something think back on that fear thing – is it valid? And if it’s valid, then don’t commit say consciously *No* rather than unconsciously *no* by not saying anything.


So decision and commitment are inextricably linked and it will serve you well to decide and to commit and if you are on this journey you will very soon will be able to decide and commit with absolute surety and correctness.