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Let’s talk about this business of judgment – it’s very controversial these days where we are told we should not judge and it gives rise to a whole lot of dodgy applications. So today let’s discuss these misperceptions about this whole judgment issue.

And I go into more detail on this in Book 2 of the Core of Steel series but for today I want to highlight the difference between having good judgment and sitting in judgment.

These are two very different concepts involving the word “judgment.”

You must have good judgment without question to have the things that you want that are useful and beneficial for you in your life, but it does not involve sitting in judgment on someone else.

Yes, you are required to judge and you should judge. But you are not judging people or situations as good, bad or ugly in the global sense but you are judging what is good, bad or only for you. And you can and should and must make these kind of judgments.

So if you think about sitting in judgment on someone else then you are enforcing your opinion of that person on the wider world.

And bear mind your opinion is colored by your experience of life, your personality, even at the highest level of consciousness you have your own unique way of looking at things and unique way of being which is as it should be you are you, the whole entire world may not be compatible with the way you are and it does not need to be because in a span of a lifetime you are probably not going to need or want or to be even able to fit the entire world and situations and events into your life nor should you.

If you look at it that way then there is no relevance or appropriateness to sitting in judgment on someone. If it doesn’t suit you, if their personality doesn’t suit you or the situation doesn’t suit you you have the option to let it go, to leave.

The way they are is the way they must continue to be until they choose otherwise, and you know it is perfectly okay for never the twain to meet.

The act of letting go, the act of releasing the situation and that person to move towards situations and people that suit you is an act of good judgment.

And there we have it: the supreme differences between the two of them – because when you sit in judgment on someone it is probably because you want them to change in some way, shape or form and sitting in judgment on someone creates the connection, it creates some link that you then have to service or monitor or take care of and do you really have the time and energy for that?

No you don’t!

So don’t sit in judgment just cultivate good judgment.