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In today’s Daily Grain I really want to hammer home this notion of preciousness. I know I’ve been going on about it for the last couple of days, but it is really important.

Because when you realize how precious you are and you are, you protect yourself. You stop allowing harm to come to you, you stop allowing harmful influences to influence you and you preserve your life and your principles and your objectives because they are standards you hold dear because you hold yourself dear.

And it’s really quite important for the evolution of all of us for everyone to realize this and for everyone to realize that they are valuable. And they have to treat themselves as such and they have to take care of themselves – in and through all those levels that we’ve spoken about the material, the emotional, the mental, the psychological, and the spiritual, because that’s what it means to truly live: to make sure that your life is accounted for in all these “departments” if you like.

And once you realize that and once you take control of it from this sense of being of value, from the sense of you being precious to you, then you won’t allow yourself to be used, you won’t allow yourself to be swayed by things that are not so healthy, by things that are dogmatic or ideological because you have a sense of what is right and fitting and then what is right and fitting becomes of a higher priority to you than culture, tradition, national boundaries and this is an important realization and actualization to achieve.