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Today let’s do an external reality check. Yesterday was internal one thinking what is our value to ourselves. Today let’s think about our value to other people.

Do we matter? Do you matter?

Of course we all want to matter, we all want to have achieved some mark in this world in our lifetime and it’s something we want but it’s not something that we evaluate every so often and perhaps we should.

I’m reminded of the movie It’s a wonderful world [Life!] where the chap, whose name I’ve momentarily forgotten – George Bailey that’s it, he you know, sees his life as it, or he sees life and the lives of the people around him as it would have been if he had not lived.

And it’s markedly different. As would the lives of the people around you be if you do not live, right?

So today think about that, how do you matter, do you matter? Do you matter in the right ways for you? Do you matter in ways that satisfy you? Or do you matter in the wrong ways? And again you will tell this because it does not satisfy you.

These are important questions to answer sooner rather than later because if you find that you are leading a life that you don’t really care for, that your impact on the world is one that you really don’t care for either, then the time to change is now. And there’s always time to change and to do the things that really do matter to you.

In my lifetime I have come across people who have made radical changes just because they’ve seen something or heard something that has reminded them of a dream they left behind and then obviously they decided that time was running out for them to pursue that dream and so they did!

They would leave secure jobs, not that I am recommending that, but it is important I feel to lead a life that matters in all the right ways for you.

So time to examine that today.