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It is inevitable living our lives that we are going to come across things that aren’t precisely what we wanted – they could be surprising developments in situations that we are in the middle of, and the common response to this is that we must compromise and adjust and somehow make it work.

I have an idea that you can try out. Don’t compromise, coalesce.

And what do I mean by that? When you come up against something new and unlooked for find a way to combine it into your system, find a way to incorporate it in a manner that does not break that developing core of steel of yours.

And in fact this is a growing process where we learn new things, we experience new realities and that’s great. As long as that reality and that new experience does not in fact “compromise” our real selves, does not make you bend or break in a manner that you don’t wish to, in a manner that is not true to you.

And if in fact you are unable to coalesce something what does that mean? That means it is too far removed from what is true for you. It’s as simple as that.

So compromise is or can be a bit dodgy in that respect because you could compromise yourself away. And it very often happens. It’s the small inches that finally find you an hour away from home.

So don’t compromise, coalesce.