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A good strategy – leave yourself room to manoeuvre! #beyourownguru #BYOG

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Rule number one about living a smooth life is this: don’t paint yourself into a corner.

Especially if you are embarking on a journey towards consciousness. Because what you want to do right now is start eliminating the negative and accentuating the positive.

But you want to be careful with yourself. You want to make sure that you have a safety net, you don’t take rash action, for example, if you find that you really hate your job painting yourself in a corner would be to just quit. Without any cushion to take care of you in the months ahead or without another job. Basically you’re cutting yourself off without any alternatives.

So this is never a good idea.

The job situation is quite simple. It is easy to see that if you quit a job and you don’t have anything else, you’re going to be in trouble. But we paint ourselves into corners in different ways – by telling ourselves that we cannot get out of a relationship, for example, or telling ourselves we must have a 5000 square foot house.

And so these are all bars and barriers that we put on ourselves that lock us in to a position.

So don’t do that!

Because you are creating a trap for yourself and it’s very difficult to manouevre in a trap. There are very limited options that you are allowing for yourself.

A good example of this is in that movie “School of Rock” where Jack Black jumps off the stage and there is nobody to catch him. Or there are people there but they all step aside and he falls flat on his face.

Let that not be you!

You know, people may help you and it may be perfectly reasonable for you to expect people to help you, but what if they don’t? Are you going to risk the course of your life based on someone else coming through or something else coming through.

So the first rule of conscious beings is self-reliance.

And you do have the power to create your own safety net, your own stepping stones, the situations with which your life can improve. Whether you believe it or not, you absolutely do.

And you must cultivate the discernment to choose your resources properly. But while you’re doing that be judicious and prudent.