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Our lives are so hectic these days that we consider fatigue, even extreme fatigue, as a natural by-product of our busy days. But a lack of energy, extreme fatigue should never ever be discounted because that means that there is a severe imbalance. As a minimum, it’s an imbalance between the amount of work you doing and the amount of rest you are getting.

But more significantly we have those five levels in us, so physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual and the fatigue could be originating from any or all of these levels.

If you discount your tiredness and if you discount your lack of energy or motivation it’s rather dangerous actually. Because as you go up the levels of you it gets more critical, right? Because if you have a spiritual fatigue it will filter down through all the levels and just exacerbate any problems that you’re having at any of the other levels.

So that’s the worst case scenario.

But if you are mentally tired you will be physically exhausted. If you are emotionally tired, you’ll be mentally and physically exhausted. You see the knock on effect. So it’s quite crucial that you identify exactly what kind of tiredness this is.

It does happen that people who are mainly sedentary feel exhausted. You know? Why? It probably is not physical exhaustion but only they will be able to identify where and from what source their exhaustion is coming from.

Because if you don’t find out that you are emotionally exhausted then you will not look to your relationships to see which one is the source of that, which one is draining you. And if you don’t find that out then you can’t put a stop to it or you cannot change it or you can’t put up different resources within yourself to take care of that situation.

And tiredness, lack of energy is quite a fundamental thing when you think about it in terms of your life. Your life force energy, your psychic energy, your emotional energy is most critical in terms of living your life.

It’s what you need, it’s the very basic, most basic, element that you need. And if you lack energy what are you using to fuel your life?

So the bottom line for you today in this Daily Grain is for you to understand your lack of energy, to try and fix that source, fix your own reserves of energy – because you can balance it both ways you can try to infuse yourself with energy in some way, shape or form or you can halt the activity that is draining your energy – OK? So balance it in some way and then from that point onwards use your energy very, very wisely.