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Is your life spiraling upward or downward? #beyourownguru #yourtruth #changeyourlife

Yesterday I mentioned downward spirals and I want to talk a little bit about that today because it is something that I suspect a lot of people are in. And a downward spiral could be slow, it could be really quick, like a crashing down of your life as you know it, but what it depicts in either scenario is the trajectory of your life – is it building, is it enriching you or is it taking you down?

And so it is really critical to assess this in your life – what is your life trajectory?

So a downward spiral can start actually in the most innocuous of ways. It could be a relationship you get into that is really not good for you, it could be downright bad for you. Or it could be a business that you start that doesn’t succeed or you are really struggling more than your capacity to make it work. Or it could be an illness that you weren’t prepared for. These are all triggering events.

And if your life and your surroundings don’t have the support and the framework with which to handle and recover from these kinds of events, it starts this downward spiral, where no matter what you try your life simply does not seem to be able to come back under your control. And you feel frustrated, you feel helpless, you feel powerless.

This is a really significant indicator of a downward spiral where you do not feel you have the power to take control of your life.

This is, of course, an illusion because at any time you have the power to do whatever you choose, but circumstances seem to conspire to make things worse and worse and where does it lead? Seems to be leading downward right?

I used to man a suicide hotline and across the board I would see this, where people would have normal and regular lives and then suddenly something they didn’t account for or something they did on the spur of a moment changed the trajectory of their lives and before they knew it they were out of control.

So I want you to pay attention today to the trajectory of your life is it taking you upward or downward?

And mark that. Because right now you are in a position to change that trajectory.

So it’s really important to look at whether all your decisions, all the changes that are happening around you are for the better or are things slowly getting worse.

Think about that today.