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Today let’s think about why you might hold onto relationships that you probably should not be accepting. And I think a big motivator for holding on to this sort of thing is duty.

We have these hats that we put on in life, these roles that we play and if that role dictates that we have a duty to be in a relationship with someone or maintain a friendship with someone or maintain a business association with someone then we dutifully go about it.

And by the way these roles that we play are part of the reason I did that Daily Grain about we are more than the sum of our parts. You are more than a role. You are more than a label, right? You are a person in your entirety.

So back to duty.

From my point of view and from a consciousness point of view duty is an extremely pale substitute for love. What you want to be able to do with everybody in your life is love them.

It’s a brilliant concept. To be able to love everyone around you.

And the sad fact of the matter is that there are some people that you just will not be able to love. Their value systems are probably completely different from yours, their personalities are probably completely different from yours, for whatever reason or maybe they just hold a lot ill will towards you and you feel it. You will always feel goodwill or ill will whether its overt or covert.

So here you have it.

You have people that you really cannot love but you hold onto it for duty’s sake. What you might want to consider is how to organize these relationships.

Sometimes, yes, we have responsibilities that we cannot shirk, but we want to try and live life with more love. So somehow convert duty to love or see how you can mitigate that relationship or in some way, solve that *duty* problem without so much negative impact on your life.