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You don’t know what you are not seeing until you see it. So that sounds rather redundant but I recently have been doing a lot of vision exercises, and I cannot describe to you how enlightening the exercises are and also the truth of that sentence – you do not know what you are not seeing until you see it.

So imagine this if your eyes are kind of failing and then you do exercises that improve vision, it’s amazing! It’s amazing the detail I see now that I didn’t see before, that I didn’t even know was there.

Imagine that in your life. Imagine that in your relationships.

Because if you are very definite that you are seeing everything that there is to see in your life, you won’t do exercises and you won’t try to see further and expand your vision. And then, of course, you will not see what you are not seeing.

This is the first step – the readiness to expand your vision, the readiness to see more in your life, to understand more about your life. And that’s a very critical first step. And together with taking that first step is the understanding that you are not seeing everything.

In a physical sense it was quite clear to me that I was going to need glasses if I didn’t do something pretty soon and so I found these vision exercises and I started doing it. And in fact, it is improving my vision which is a marvellous thing.

So no matter where you are in life, or your eyesight, for that matter, it can be improved. And then you see more, you see your life differently, you see details that you’ve overlooked, you will see details that are critical to decision-making, they are critical to your judgments and to your depth of understanding.

So these eye exercises to me were a real eye opener in more ways than one because it… literally, in life what I want to tell you is this: be aware that you can see much more than you are currently seeing.