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Today let’s talk about jealousy again but jealousy in the sense of envy, where you are envious or jealous of someone else’s success or someone else’s life or someone else’s accomplishments.

And what does that really mean?

When you are jealous of someone or envious of someone it means that you don’t believe you can do what they did. Or you don’t believe that you can achieve success.

Now maybe you can’t do what they did, maybe you can’t achieve success in the way they did, but you can definitely achieve success in your way. You can definitely capitalize on your accomplishments, on your skill set, on your unique talents and achieve success, maybe in an entirely different way.

So pay attention if you feel jealous or if you feel intimidated by someone else’s success do a check in with yourself because you are saying to yourself gosh, I could never do that. That is in effect what you are saying to yourself.

And it’s not necessary.

Maybe it’s right, maybe you can’t do that, but should you do that? Do you know?

Everyone has their own path to tread and wasting your energy on being jealous about someone else’s path, being jealous about someone else’s or way of doing things and the success that they achieved in their way of doing things is just a waste of energy.

Use that energy instead to find your own path, to make your own success.

You can look at their success as motivation that’s a better, and in fact that’s not a waste of energy, that will give you energy to see that someone else has done it, so it is possible, that kind of success is possible, and use that to drive you forward.

But when all things are counted it is far better for you to take your resources, take your energy, take your emotions, and use them to propel you forward in a way that is best for you.