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Deal with fear sensibly and you will defeat it effectively. #beyourownguru #BYOG

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Alright so let’s deal with fear.

So I’m sure we have all heard this many, many times: feel the fear and do it anyway…

No no no! A thousand times no!

Much better to feel the fear, analyze it, figure out whether you should be feeling it or not and then consider what action you want to take.

Because all fears are not equal, right? There are some fears that are healthy. It’s good to fear! It’s good to fear fire, for example. It’s good to if not fear, be wary of people who intend to harm you. It’s good to fear things that are risky.

Fear has a self-protective, fear IS a self-protective mechanism.

So some fears are rational and some fears are irrational. Whenever you feel fear, it is your first job to figure out which it is, which is which. And if it is rational then that will require an action of you, right? Typically avoid what you fear! And if it is irrational, then you have to think about what is it within you that is triggering that fear.

And in the course of the Daily Grain I will talk here and there about different fears that are commonly felt.

But for today, let’s talk about how to distinguish what is rational and irrational. So, say you want to start a business and you’re fearful.

If that fear is based on uncertainty and things that you don’t know about, well then, shoot off and find out what is you don’t know and find out all about the thing. You know, eliminate that as an area of ignorance or if it is a technical skill you need to acquire then acquire it.

Because this is a rational fear. You must know. You must have the tools. You must have the resources.

And if it is anything else – may be, actually, maybe you are overstretching yourself and that is triggering a fear. Well that’s another whole set of actions that you need to consider also.

My point being, fears are just there to trigger something in you. It’s asking you to look at something. So look at it.

If you take action, if you *do it anyway* then you are not really addressing the root of your fear and that could have strange results.

But if you look squarely at it and figure out why, what is this, where is this fear coming from you will find an answer.

Because if you do have all the facts, if you do have the strength within yourself, then you will find there is nothing to fear. Literally your fear will fade quite naturally and nicely and you’ll be free to move forward.

So don’t dismiss it and don’t take rash action.

Sometimes, not sometimes actually, all the time, fear is asking you to look at it. So look at it.