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Several Daily Grains ago I spoke about finding your life path and then following your life path so now is a good time to revisit that after yesterday’s Daily Grain about worthiness.

Because if you take those small actions that make you proud of yourself and then you become worthier and worthier of your own good opinion, then guess what? You are treading the path of your true self. Because the converse holds good, whenever you do things that infringe that core of you, whenever you do things against principles that you hold dear and ideas that you value you feel less worthy. You feel ashamed, you might feel guilty.

So if you avoid all that and you work steadily towards making sure everything in your life are things you are happy to lay claim to, things that give you a sense of achievement, things that enrich your life in a way that is really meaningful to you, when you are doing these things as a matter of course that means that you are reacting and acting from your true self, from the substance of you.

And therefore, many glorious things happen when you do this.

One you become more and more attune with what works for you, and two, all the things that you are doing start working, because they are honest, they are insincere and they are things that you have the natural bent to do. And so you will naturally find a way through and out and around all the actions you are taking and the decisions you are making.

So this is a conglomeration of wonderful things: you are getting a prouder of yourself, you are building your self esteem, you’re making good decisions and your life works.

So that or those are all wonderful benefits to finding your way and they are also how you will find your way.