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Whatever you are putting into your life, how is it’s fitness for purpose? Does it perfectly match your requirements? #beyourownguru #BYOG

Video Transcription…

Following on from yesterday I want to share with you today of concept of quality management, that is extremely useful and it’s called fitness for purpose.

So yesterday we were talking about that death by a thousand cuts because we are putting up with a whole set of inconveniences because of goals or requirements that we think we need in our lives.

So in quality management this concept of fitness for purpose is actually the definition of quality. Where it is not the most excellent, it is not the best thing that money can buy. It is whatever you require or whatever you are putting into your life, does it fit the purpose?

A basic example would be if you need a car to get from A to B it could be the most basic model on the line or the most basic brand or you could go to a Ferrari or a BMW.

Your choice.

The difference is does it fit your purpose and do you know what you’re purpose is?

Because if your purpose is for a rough and ready car then maybe the most expensive model on the line does not fit your purpose because you will be too worried at all times that you’re going to smash it to smithereens and that worry and that anxiety will completely trip you up on a second by second basis.

So fitness for purpose is a critical concept to have in your head when you’re adding things to your life and when you are subtracting things from your life.

If everything in your life exactly matches the purpose for which you require it, doesn’t exceed it, is not below it, then you have a perfect fit.

It’s like puzzle pieces if they are too big or too small – not going to have a completed puzzle.

And if you can find exact matches for friends, for significant others, for jobs, for your level of material satisfaction, if everything fits what you want your life to be, then, you have the perfect life, do you not?

So today, look at all the things in your life – what purpose do they serve and are they a good match for that purpose.