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I was listening to this song the other day, the one that goes freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose, and it occurred to me that that is a brilliant way to put releasing things, letting go.

A lot of talk is in the air about the importance of doing this, the importance of releasing bad memories or people or things that don’t serve up you and that sort of stuff and if you look at it in this light where you are free of it because you have nothing left to lose ie it’s not yours, it’s gone already – now, isn’t that a wonderful way to look at all the bad experiences in your life?

And not just experiences, it’s the baggage you carry around, or the scars you have, the disappointments you felt, even reflections on yourself, you know, that are imprisoning you.

If you take this song on as a personal anthem in this respect, so yes, it’s meant to be a song about heartbreak and you know a reluctant letting go, but truly freedom is that. Freedom is when you realize that this life is actually transient, everything you experience here, everything you build up, is fleeting – it will pass. And that’s not a bad thing, that is a liberating thing.

If you can look at it in that light then you don’t hold onto things that are well past their expiration date, you don’t cling to stuff that’s damaging you, you don’t hanker after stuff that has the possibility of damaging you and certainly the hankering after it is probably damaging you as well.

If you can really picture that, get an image of those things abandoning you or you abandoning those things then you can embody the freedom where you have nothing left to lose, in a very, very good way.