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Let’s talk about fruitful actions to take when you do have reservations and this could be in relation to business deals, it could be in relation to friendships, romantic relationships, what have you.

So your starting point is a feeling of dis-ease or is a feeling that all the dots are not dotted all the ts are not crossed, somehow you are missing information or motivation to proceed. Right? So that is your starting point.

What to do next is to for one, 1st step: stop that process right away. Don’t proceed further if you have doubts and then step back and really think through why you have doubts, or what information is it you need that will close that loop. And think of every single bit of information you possibly can that you require to make a decision or to take an action or to go forward with a relationship.

And really, as I used to tell everyone when I was doing quality management, no question, no clarification is too daft or too insignificant to ask. Because why? It’s your question, it’s your doubt, it’s your clarification and it’s your life.

You need to proceed through your life with things being utterly clear. If things are less than utterly clear, you are going to see some untoward consequences further down the road. It’s almost a given unless you are extremely lucky and its never wise to bank on luck if you can help it.

So make a list of all the things you need clarified, more information you need provided and then present that, final step, in a very clear and objective manner. Completely take yourself out of the equation because what you need to know is things that clarify the situation.

It’s not something you are going to benefit the wildly by, you may, but you don’t know. All you need to know right then or the whole purpose of the information you seek is to clarify that situation sufficient for you to go forward.

And most times when you present information in an objective manner where it’s not an ego driven request, it’s merely please let me know, you will probably get great results from that.