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Today I want to really encourage you to get the foundations of your world right. And what are these foundations? That is where you live, what you do, the people you surround yourself with – this is what is your base, your springboard, or not, as the case may be.

Because if you can get these mundane, everyday things that you rely on correct then you have a shot of getting the rest of your life right.

So for today’s Daily Grain I want you to take a moment and just evaluate that. Evaluate where you live, what you do, who is around you. And see whether they are conducive to the life you would like to lead.

Try and be as honest and as objective as you can be and sometimes where you live might seem an insurmountable object to overcome – it actually isn’t. It’s simply or it simply needs you to have a look at it and see what you would like to do or what you would like to change.

I have done this several times in my life where I have actually moved countries and continents and of course, when you first perceive that you would be better off somewhere else, it seems like it might never happen. But, once you realize deep within you that it should happen, you will make it happen.

And these foundations are very critical because if you are proceeding forward on rocky foundations or with a feeling of instability or even in fact looming doom, then life becomes really difficult. Your day to day existence becomes insupportable, right?

So today is foundations day. Have you got your foundations right?