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In this world of spin and hearsay I have a wonderful tool that helps me cut through all the hype and gossip and what have you and reach the truth. And it is this. It’s a saying that I’ve had with me pretty much all my life.

You can tell more about people from what they say about others than what others say about them. So let me repeat that: you can tell more about people from what they say about others than what others say about them.

And it is very, very true.

Because people can tell you stories about anything and everything and I’ve heard a lot of smear stories about so and so and so and so and I always find it a black mark against the person who is telling me the story.

Because it’s their experience of it, it’s what they have seen and it’s what they have perceived.

Having said that, of course that is not the end of the story when I actually meet the person that they were telling me the story about I will have to make an assessment based on that person’s personality alone.

But what this saying does and what having this philosophy does is it clears the decks, it prevents you from having bias based on what someone else said or what someone else perceived or bias on the basis of someone else’s experience. And it’s very critical.

It’s very critical to be able to make judgments on what is coming into your energy field, into your understanding and this little trick helps you make the right judgments pretty much 100% of the time.

There are times when people are telling you the truth and it is, and I will do a Daily Grain about that also, because when, in fact, people have had bad experiences with either a company or a person then it should be made clear to someone else so that experience isn’t repeated, but again you will tell from what they say and how they say it whether it’s the truth, whether it’s genuinely meant as helpfulness or whether its toxicity.

So there you are, that’s one way to gauge and separate the information coming at you.