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Something that we all need and use from time to time and in a word it is *crutches*. #beyourownguru #BYOG

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Up for discussion today is something that we all need and use from time to time and in a word it is *crutches*. Where we have a need for something to lean on, something to get us through a phase or an episode and what have you.

So what are these crutches? It could be friends, it could be social situations it could be something like astrology where you just need answers or you need support, or you need a venue to forget about your troubles.

Like I said, all of us need a little help every now and again. The important thing to understand about crutches is that one, that it is a crutch that it is not your answer.

If you throw yourself into the social whirl, for example, you might need cheering up, and that’s a very valid need, best to be happy above all things, but it’s only OK insofar as you understand that that is what you are doing. You understand that for the time being, for this moment you need this because you are sad about XYZ, or you just need to take your mind off XYZ.

And once you have that consciousness then it’s OK – you can use that pressure release you can take time out of your life, you can raise your mood and forget about stuff for a while. As long as your intent is for that crutch to give you enough strength to come back and address whatever it is you need a time out from.

If you do not do that then you’re just running away. And that is also fine if that is what you want to do, but the end of the day it will not resolve what it is you need resolved. It will not resolve the thing that is driving you towards that crutch.

And then it becomes a healthy thing, because you will reach a point in life where you are strong enough and brave enough and happy enough to deal with whatever it is that you have in front of you on your own accord.

But till that time it’s fine and dandy to reach for something and to reach for help and to nourish yourself in any way you can, provided it doesn’t harm anyone else, there is always that caveat to everything I say.

But it becomes unhealthy when it does not enable you to come back and resolve things you need to resolve. At the end of the day the things you need to resolve will remain in your life until such time as you sort them out.

So if you think about *main attractions* like that it puts it into perspective. You are giving yourself license to not deal with something only until you have the strength and you are in the place to deal with it.

And actually, that way of doing it is just good sense because you want to tackle the travails of life from a strong place, from a good place.

So have your crutches but recognize them for what they are.