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The title of my book series is Core of Steel and, of course, it is to develop that central part of yourself which is the real you and to develop it so strongly that it is steel-like. So that’s a Core of Steel.

But what does that mean in practical terms? What does having a Core of Steel mean for you in practical terms? And that’s what I’m going to tell you real quick in this video.

When you have a core of steel that means that you never have to lean on anyone, you never have to depend on anyone, you are strong within yourself. You are strong in your own entirety. That doesn’t mean that you have to dispense with everyone else, it just means that you are no longer dependent. Alright?

So that’s the first thing. The second thing is that then people can lean on you. You can give meaningful and sustainable support to the people around you because giving them support doesn’t deplete you. You are strong enough to be of comfort, to be of assistance.

And then finally and perhaps the most desirable in today’s world is that you succeed and you succeed on your own terms. You succeed meaningfully and you succeed permanently because this is not dependent on external factors. This is you driving it. This is your strength, your abilities, and your natural propensities and your natural affinities coming to a fore to create your success.

So having that Core of Steel really allows you to fire on all cylinders in a very, very sustainable way. So that’s its practical application for your Daily Grain.