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Differentiating between hope and wishful thinking… #beyourownguru #BYOG

Video Transcription…

Let’s talk about hope today.

Because for me the saddest thing is to see or hear or experience someone’s hopelessness. It’s really quite dreadful. And quite unnecessary! Because literally where there is life there is always hope.


And I want to separate hope from wishful thinking. Wishful thinking is castles in the air. It’s the thing that pretty much dooms you to disappointment because there’s no basis for it. You’re just dreaming happy dreams and actually, wishful thinking you can consider is a form of escapism.

No, no! I am talking about hope which is the thing inside of you that trusts that tomorrow is going to be better. That trusts that whatever is happening now will eventually sort itself out. And it will. This is a given.

If you think back to the times in your life where you were really wretched and miserable and thought this is never, ever going to work itself out and yet here you are. And it did! Somehow with some help or with no help you just pulled up your bootstraps and did it.

So hope is based in reality. It is a very real sense that life goes on, that this too shall pass and it will, and the most important thing is, it gives you a vehicle and strength to move forward. It gives you a good basis, a positive basis to move forward.

And when you move forward in hope you are believing good things are coming. You are believing that somehow you will change your life. And that’s a very powerful belief actually. This is the power of hope.

Because if you don’t believe that – what is the alternative? If you don’t believe it? If you are hopeless, you are despairing, you are thinking that the worst is yet to come, not that the best is yet to come. And so you will take actions half heartedly. You will take actions believing “right, this is really not going to work” and you have a self fulfilling prophecy right there. It won’t work because half-hearted efforts very rarely work!

So today I want you to grasp hope and put it firmly into your soul. Tuck it into the breast pocket of your soul and always hold it there.

Because truly. Where there is life there is hope.