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Consciousness or the lack thereof is like weight loss and weight gain. #beyourownguru #BYOG

Video Transcription…

Here’s an analogy of consciousness that occurred to me the other day… consciousness or the lack thereof is like weight loss and weight gain.

From a consciousness perspective we kind of coming into this world, actually not come into this world, but from our childhood onwards, we start off like little overweight babies, because we have the full weight of our parents traditions, our culture, the way that we are brought up, the things that we are told to do or not to do sitting on us.

So you start off your thinking life with this little bit of weight or a lot of weight, depending on what your circumstances were.

And when you start the journey towards consciousness, it’s shedding that weight, it’s shedding the things you were taught or came to believe that are not true to you, they don’t sit well on your system.

And like weight loss and weight gain, you might fall off the wagon, you might take on a little bit more of something, that is not you… and as we go through life this is compounded by maybe missteps that we’ve made, we’ve gotten burned, we may have been betrayed, which has left a scar.

So consciousness is sloughing off that stuff, releasing it.

If it doesn’t serve you, if it doesn’t feel true to you, if you hear something, or you hear yourself thinking something and you think ‘hang on a minute, that doesn’t really make sense’ then slough it off, let it go.

And in that way, in a very real sense consciousness literally makes you lighter, it makes your heart lighter. It lifts this load off your shoulders, it shifts the burden that you might have been carrying your whole life.

And that is quite a direct analogy, actually.

Where weight, physical weight sits on the body the burden of unconsciousness sits on your soul, or your spirit. Which is, as we have said before, the real you.

So to uncover the *you* that yet to be, that is and that is yet to be requires consciousness.

And that is that.