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So here’s something I want you to think about. It is: how do you value yourself?

We’ve spoken over the last couple of days about self respect, about humiliation, about relevance and it’s worth it to stop for a second and think how do you value yourself?

A lot of people mark their value by their financial situation, their career status, may be the corner office or the label on their door, how do you value yourself?

If it is any of the above they are fleeting at best and once they are gone what happens?

This is the way our world runs. Other people value us because, probably, of all these factors and yet we must be careful to not fall into the trap for ourselves.

Yes it is fine and dandy to pursue all these things and pretty much the way our world runs we must have a modicum of all of the above, but value, value and self, is a whole different ballgame and one not a lot of people think about.

So think about it.

Think today really what is your worth as a human if all the trappings of your life and your living were taken away from you today.

what would you think about yourself?

How would you place your self worth?

What internal wealth for want of a better way to describe it do you have?

How valuable or how highly do you rate yourself as a person?

This is very important.

Because if you can rate yourself pretty highly it bodes very well for you. You will take good decisions for yourself, you will make sure you don’t shoot yourself in the foot, you will make sure that the priorities and principles by which you live your life work for you.

So how valuable you are to yourself is quite a fundamental question to consciousness. So there’s something to think about.