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There is something that we can all universally agree is not a good thing and that is getting hurt, being let down by people or being betrayed by people. And this can range from a hurtful comment, to actually lives being destroyed by betrayals, by deceit, and cheating or fraud.

So we could title this Daily Grain how not to be hurt. And I suppose this is a valid set of lessons for everyone.

First and foremost let us look at why do we get hurt? And the prime reason is because we have not seen the other person for who they truly are.

You have those fantasies and dreams about them that we spoke of a few Daily Grains ago and so when we are presented with evidence of who they actually are it’s hurtful, it’s astonishing, it’s shocking.

So that’s **the** most critical factor of how not to be hurt. See people for who they really are. See through promises, see through charm, see through superficial smiles. And actually there is a very easy way to see through superficial smiles.

Look at their eyes.

I just simply love people with smiling eyes and you know, smiling eyes indicates a smiling heart to me. So sometimes you will see the mouth smiling but the eyes are cold? A very good indicator.

So this is the way to really get through to the truth of that person – see it, don’t just look at the superficials. Just don’t look at a nicely turned out dress code or nicely made up face or what have you.

And then the second thing of how not to be hurt is do not give up your power. To anyone. For any reason. You are an autonomous individual, you should proceed through life as an autonomous individual and other people are there to enhance your life, are there to create love and enjoyment and joy. And they can do all of that with you still holding onto your power, with you still in the driver’s seat.

So it’s actually two simple things: to avoid being hurt and adversely surprised by people, see them for what they are hold your own power and space in every relationship.