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So a bit more about dreaming because you can be hurt by your own dreams as we saw yesterday you can be hurt by other people’s dreams or other people’s fantasies. And how is that?

When other people have a fantasy or dream about you, about the way you should be, about the way you affect their lives, then that is a big downside because then you are under constant pressure of their expectations, of them hinging their life on you in a way that you can’t perform because that’s their dream. And somehow you have to fulfill their dream and for the vast majority of us this is not possible.

If it is their reality then yes, if it’s a dream based on someone’s vivid imagination then that is already a losing battle.

Another way that someone else’s dream can hurt you is if they are caught in that dream state that we spoke about yesterday where they dreams don’t have a hope of coming true because the work, the reality checks, the drive to make it happen is lost in the dreaming.

So pay attention also to the dreams of the people around you. Yes dreams must be encouraged and lateral thinking by all means must be encouraged, but it has to be grounded.

So today take a moment to check your own dreams and to check the aspirations and the goals of the people around you. How valid are they? How, I won’t say probable because you know there are infinite possibilities and probabilities in life, but are you doing and are they doing the things that are necessary to make those dreams happen?